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oVote lets leaders ping pulse-check questions to mobile phones for quick, high-volume responses from community members.

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"oVote is a great way for me to take the pulse of my class on key issues. It's great to walk in and already have some insights. Students love the fact that they vote straight from their phone and don 't have to log into a clunky system."

David Bach, Sr. Associate Dean,
Yale School of Management

Enjoy The App For Free

Create Groups that Users can Search & Join

Send SMS & Push Questions on iOS, Android, & Web

 Customize Each Question With Multi-Select, Public/Private Results, Anonymous/Named Responses

Pay For Bells & Whistles

Use oVote with deeper web functionality and data analytics

SMS Marketing for continuous customer feedback 

Stimulate discussion & test comprehension during class  

Learn the issues most important to your consituency

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