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No new platforms to learn or software to download. Feedback Box lives on your LMS.
Students are free to provide constructive feedback anytime so professors can adapt during the semester.

Students give anonymous feedback through their LMS throughout the semester

Professors receive one daily email alert if they receive feedback that day

Our LTI framework lets Feedback Box plug into all major LMS platforms

Feedback Box is an LMS plug-in that lets students send professors safe, anonymous feedback starting from day one of the course

Early Feedback Is Better Feedback

Feedback Box LMS

Simple for professors. Simple for students.


Students log-in to their Learning Management System and select their course. A new "Feedback" tab appears on the left side. Students can now give anonymous feedback anytime!


When a student leaves feedback, the professor receives an email alert (never more than one per day). The professor can view all feedback directly on the LMS.

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"Feedback Box is such a user friendly vehicle for students to directly and anonymously express their sentiments about a course to their professor.
Students feel like their voices are consistently heard while professors have the opportunity to shape the course around student responses.​
My classroom experience is enriched by Feedback Box, and I hope more of my professors encourage students to utilize this excellent academic tool." 
-Adriana Lopez, Yale University 2019​
Feedback Box is committed to accessibility for users with disabilities. All technology conforms with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 AA (“WCAG”) published by World Wide Web Consortium ("W3C”)

Owning Feedback Box Is As Simple As Using It 

You'll have a dedicated technician during installation
We host and store the data for you
We're available for year-round support
Customizations are available. Tell us what you'd like!
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